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Parenting Coordination

Our goal at Schnitzius Law Firm is to ensure that parents are able to reach a favorable compromise and minimize stress on their families. Portland Schnitzius can help your client:

  • Determine a child custody arrangement
  • Modify a child custody or support agreement
  • Resolve parenting time disputes
  • Establish grandparent visitation
  • File for child support

Contact Attorney Schnitzius to help resolve your client's case.

5 Reasons to Hire Portland Schnitzius

As an experienced family lawyer, Portland Schnitzius has the knowledge and skill to provide the legal advice you need to favorably resolve your case.

1. Suitable for divorce, paternity and guardianship cases

2. Process does not modify existing Orders

3. A solution when parenting classes, mediation and counseling have failed

4. The parenting coordinator educates by introducing parties to alternative parenting and communications skills

5. The parenting coordinator serves a conflict management function

No matter what kind of situation you areĀ is dealing with, trust parent coordination Schnitzius to assist you with solutions. Contact attorney Schnitzius today to see how she can assist you!